• 1301 Shiloh Road, Suite 120
  • Kennesaw, GA 30144
  • p: 770 517 3955
  • f: 770 517 3025
  • efax: 404 856 5779
  • NMLS 177283
  • Gareth Thomas (NMLS 177403)
  • Branch Manager
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      Silverton NW (formerly Team Marietta) is conveniently located off the Wade Green Road exit off Highway 75. 

      Silverton NW was founded on the principle of partnering with others who share in the desire to provide the best service at the best possible rates while maintaining high standards of personal and ethical conduct that constantly reflect adherence to the Golden Rule-''Treat people the way you'd like to be treated.''

      Each of our mortgage loan originators and sales support staff is an experienced professional; and together, our team has years of combined mortgage industry experience. Our team came to Silverton from other companies, seeking a work environment that reflects their personal standards and convictions. We're proud that Silverton has attracted the best in the business to serve you!










      Gareth Thomas Branch Manager177403

      AL 52295, GA 26966,

      SC-BFI MLO-117403,

      TN 109950

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      Eric Gilam Assistant Branch Manager 170671

      AL 53137, GA 25311,

      TN 110726

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      Darlene Stephens Office Manager  
      Barbara Holzinger Processor 90733 FL LO11227  
      Ceri Bramblett Processor      
      Sherri Davis Processor  
      Star Williams Processor      
      Tabitha Miller Processor      
      Brittany Holzinger Junior Processor      
      Jenny Baker Sr. Loan Originator 613782

      AL 56623,
      FL LO21108,
      GA 38831

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      Bobby Brent Mortgage Loan Originator212227GA 27481 Apply Online Now
      Bradley Shivers Mortgage Loan Originator 856045 AL 54161 Apply Online Now
      Emily Apler Mortgage Loan Originator 1208423 GA 43190 Apply Online Now
      Eric Bond Mortgage Loan Originator 265413 GA 28097 Apply Online Now
      Ernetta Pace Mortgage Loan Originator 806468 GA 42683, TN 122715 Apply Online Now
      Gerwin Wallace Mortgage Loan Originator 207490 AL 51107, TN 111511 Apply Online Now
      Jenny Baker Mortgage Loan Originator 613782 GA 38831, AL 56623 Apply Online Now
      Jill Thompson Mortgage Loan Originator 218271 AL 51405 Apply Online Now
      Kevin Sipe Mortgage Loan Originator 96172 TN 114429 Apply Online Now
      Kim Stephens Mortgage Loan Originator 177283 GA 30624 Apply Online Now
      Lisa Armistead Mortgage Loan Originator168751GA 27021 Apply Online Now
      Lori Muffoletto Mortgage Loan Originator 195833 GA 34239 Apply Online Now
      Lynel Adams Mortgage Loan Originator 359696 GA 31671 Apply Online Now
      Michelle Ditchkoff Mortgage Loan Originator 241920 GA 26345 Apply Online Now
      Priscilla Nieves Mortgage Loan Originator 207074 GA 27397 Apply Online Now
      Ron Sluder Mortgage Loan Originator 917858 GA 35037 Apply Online Now
      Sharon Mason Mortgage Loan Originator 275784 GA 28601 Apply Online Now
      Sheryl Crawford Mortgage Loan Originator 153070 GA 25486 Apply Online Now
      Keith Lewallen Mortgage Loan Originator 493479 GA 43432 Apply Online Now
      Corin McCay MLO Assistant      
      Juli Breed MLO Assistant      
      Ernetta Pace Loan Partner II