Our Story: More than What's in our Name—''Mortgage Specialists''

    Sure, we're good at what we do and are a leader in the mortgage industry. But there's more. There's a story behind Silverton Mortgage Specialists.

    We're building one of the best, most stable mortgage lending businesses around. But, we'll never be a company that counts our success based on the dots on a map representing offices across the country. We count our success by what we give back to our communities. We count our success one loan, one happy customer, one family in a home at a time.

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    The Silverton Story – Profitability and Compassion

    Silverton was built on a vision with two components most think are incongruous: profitability and compassion.

    Silverton was started by Josh Moffitt who wanted to follow in the footsteps of his family. His great-grandfather, grandfather, grandmother, mother, and uncle were role models in the business world as well as in their community. He learned through their actions that success does not have to be at the expense of compassion.

    He realized that to be successful, whether in business or in the community, it takes hard work and lots of it. You have to earn the respect and trust of those with whom you work and those whom you serve. He learned to be true to the vision of what your business can and should be. And he discovered an important lesson: sharing your success with your family and community makes it all the sweeter.

    It was in this spirit that Silverton was conceived and we remain committed to this vision as we continue to grow.



  • The Silverton Foundation, 2011- Long-time vision of company president, Josh Moffitt, is beginning to take shape.  Phase I completed.  Mission:  provide mortgage and rent assistance program for families with hospitalized children under the age of one to help families maintain their homes, and reduce financial and emotional burdens during times of crisis. More to come! 
  • 10 Years of Success – 10 Ways of Giving Back, 2008. Year-long campaign: 10 volunteer activities including fundraisers, donations, adopting a park, adopting a family through the International Rescue Committee, and more than 350 volunteer hours.
  • Zaban Night Shelter – Since 1998, supervising dinners for Atlanta's only couples' shelter.
  • First Atlanta ING Marathon/Half Marathon Team, 2007. Team Silverton raised funds exceeding $10,000 for My House, a non-profit Atlanta charity providing a home-like living environment for special-needs infants who are ready to leave the hospital but have nowhere to go.
  • Annual Kick-Nicks, 1999 – 2005. Kickball tournament with teams from around the southeast. Registration fees donated to local and regional charities, raising tens of thousands of dollars for charities, including: Atlanta Public Parks, Nexus Initiatives, Emory Health Clinic and the ALS Foundation of Emory.